There are two Private Dining Rooms available at The Ivy Market Grill both of which are wood panelled, adorned with photos of stage and screen stars, artfully lit and wonderfully atmospheric.

  • The Pygmalion Room seats up to 40 guests over four round tables, or 26 on one long table
  • The Galatea Room seats up to 24 guests over three round tables, or 16 on one long table

Both rooms are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner events and are equally suited to the private and business worlds.

We offer a selection of menus that have been created specially by our Executive Chef, Sean Burbidge. We kindly ask for one set menu to be chosen for all guests (the same starter, main course and dessert). We cater for specific dietary requirements and will be delighted to make wine recommendations for your event.

Complimentary menu cards and place cards are provided for each event and each table is decorated with seasonal flowers and tea lights.

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For further information and enquiries please contact Stephanie at, or 020 7307 5908 



The Pygmalian Room

The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Pygmalion-Room,-one-long-table - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Pygmalion-Room,-one-long-table-7 - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-round-table-close-up - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Pygmalion-Room,-close-up-round-tables - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Pygmalion-Room,-one-long-table - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Pygmalion-Room,-round-tables-3 - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Pygmalion-Room,-standing-reception-2 - The Ivy Market Grill

The Galatea Room

The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-one-long-table-3 - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-one-long-table-4 - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-round-table-close-up - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-round-tables - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-round-tables-3 - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-standing-reception - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-standing-reception-2 - The Ivy Market Grill
The-Ivy-Market-Grill-The-Galatea-Room,-standing-reception-3 - The Ivy Market Grill

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